Our Technical Account Managers, Project Managers, Solution Technicians and Solution Engineers and Trainers are available to provide product best practices that help you deploy, integrate and adopt our market leading software.


Technical Account Management

Sometimes we will assign a Technical Account Manager to support the onboarding process. They will work with the rest of the project team on troubleshooting, the design of the project plan and producing a Statement of Work.

Project Management

Experienced Project Managers are available for day-to-day contact, during the life of your project, should the project warrant it.


Network Assessment

Network assessments confirm if your network and domain configuration meet the requirements of our solution(s). They asses your network topology and domain configuration, ensuring all necessary changes are applied.

The assessment covers all manner of things, depending on your setup, but likely areas are:

ISP Providers & physical connectivity

Firewall rules

Web filtering

Active directory structure

Group Policy configurations

Multi-site deployments

Custom deployment processes

VLAN configuration

Wireless infrastructure

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